We are excited to announce a series of works at the Tortus studio in the heart of Copenhagen, starting with Spring 2015!  So if you are eager to learn the art of making pottery on the wheel in a truly beautiful setting, here is your chance.  Tortus founder, Eric Landon, will personally guide you through the techniques and approach Tortus uses to make its unique ceramics, both giving you a truly unique pottery experience and the tools you will need to confidently make your own work afterwards.

Full workshops last 5 1/2 days (Monday-Saturday), and mini workshops last 2 days (Saturday and Sunday).

Workshops will include instruction in clay preparation, throwing, trimming, and will give a short introduction to glaze application (no glaze application on mini-workshops).

Winter/Spring 2017 (NEW)

January 16-21 (sold out)
January 23 – 28 (sold out)
February 6-11 (sold out)
April 17-22 (sold out)
April 24-29 (sold out)
May 8-13 (sold out)


June 5-10 (SOLD OUT)
June 12-17 (SOLD OUT)
June 19-24 (SOLD OUT)
July 10-15 (SOLD OUT)
July 17-22 (SOLD OUT)
August 7-12 (SOLD OUT)
August 14-19  (SOLD OUT)



August 5-6. (NEW)

Fall 2017 (NEW!)

September 4-9 (SOLD OUT)

September 11-16 (SOLD OUT)

November 27 – December 3

December 4-9

December 11-16

Workshops cost is 950 EUROS for full week workshops,  and include materials.  Accommodation in Copenhagen is however not included.  We can recommend accommodations based on your comfort needs.    Lunch will be provided compliments of the studio.

Spaces are limited, so reserve your’s now!  For information and to sign up, please write to: